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Mobile App Development

We take pride in our awesome mobile app development

Ever since Apple unveiled the App Store in July 2008, the world has been going crazy for mobile applications. With over 1 million apps on the app store and 60 billion downloads. By 2015 more users will connect to the Internet over mobile devices than desktop PCs, so making sure you’re prepared for your users that browse and buy on mobile, tablets and other devices should be part of your digital and marketing strategy.

The rise in mobile internet usage has changed the way users interact with websites and global brands are already leading the way in which they provide services to their customers with perfect UX and flawless design.

Intuo can develop an App that’s right for you, your business and your budget, whether this is a Native App, a Hybrid App or a Web App. Turn your app idea into a profitable business – get in touch to make a start!

Mobile Apps Explained

Native App

A Native App is an entirely self-contained application and is distributed via either the App Store (for Apple) or Google Play (for Android).

Hybrid App

A Hybrid App combines elements a Native App and a Mobile Website. Using website technology Hybrid Apps are sold on App stores and for the Android market, this is a good option for complex apps on a budget

Web App

A Web App is a website built to look like a Mobile App but runs in your web browser, accessible on all modern devices. You won't find these on the app store but a perfect solution for a small budget

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